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i cant wait until sunday...cedar point baby! well, waterpark sunday, cedar point monday. then the wonderful drive back home. oh well. i just want to go. went to keras birthday party today. it was alright. not the greatest thing in the world, but it was enough to pass the time. yea, well i have a babysitting job at 5:00 in the morning, so i shoudld probably be going to bed now. later
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well. this summer was goin pretty good up until i found out i was moving. i mean, i love the house, no doubt about that, but im gonna miss everyone. im scared to start at a new school, meet and find new people, and just get used to everything all over again. i tried to tell my dad i had only 2 more years left, so i should go to school of choice, but tha didnt work too well. so i get to start at L'Anse Creuse North this year. No more Armada High School for me. As sad as it sounds, i dont want to leave. Im gonna miss all you guys. But as long as you love me, we can stay in touch. And i'll be having a party when i get there, so if you're cool enough you can come. hahaha. jk. it depends on how many people i can have over. these people are invited for sure:

-jessica h

well, maybe i dont know who's invited for sure. there are too many people i want over. if you're not on this list, im sorry. like i said, these are only a few people. and i can only invite so many. but i will have to see. please dont hate me if you're not on this list. im really sorry. these are people im either really close to or are always there for me. man am i gonna miss everything. sorry for my pitty post. i will leave now. later.
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>> well well well. long few days.

- last day of school. went to my grandmas and helped set up for my parents renewal of vows saturday. worked and sweated some more. had some water fights with my dad, my papa, and dave. got a boyfriend. officially. yes yes maggie. lol. that answers your question.

- woke up early and worked some more. rushed to get things done before 4:30. then had to walk in heels for how many hours. wow. never again. posed for 544678316874 pictures. watched my family get as drunk as hell. laughed. spent some time with loving people. laughed some more. got many mosquito bites. danced my butt off. watched drunk people dance. that says enough.

- cleaned up forever.and ever. and ever. got home at 8:30. ate roast beef for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. talked on the phone with dave for a bit. went to bed.

- woke up at 7:15 for little kids cheer clinic. never knew little kids could have so much energy. flipped 37 kids over my arm about 10 times each. went home. relaxed. went and seen mr. and mrs. smith with dave. (good movie. go see it)came home and went to bed.

- woke up at 7:45. cheer clinic again. sore as can be. longest day in the world. kids still have so much energy the next day. grrrr... came home and passed out on the couch. (its 5 hrs of the clinic by the way) went outside and cut some grass. got poured on. and now im here.

>> well thats enough now. i hope everyone knows about my life now. since everyone seems to tell everyone at school. im just kidding. i dont mind it. its kinda weird. but i dont mind at all. just wanted to make you think im mad. ;-) anyways, i guess i will go now. long post of absolutely nothing. later.
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well. this weekend was fun while it lasted. i still have homework to do and foster's project. not to mention the book "i read" and my muse. well i'll save that for last minute on tuesday night. well we went up north this weekend. wasn't too bad. i actually enjoyed the weekend. and i also figured out that the right side of my body reacts faster then the left side. in other words, i closed the car window before i pulled my finger away. yes i know im brilliant. it hurts, but i'll live. hmmm...not much to do right now. im too lazy to start my homework, but theres nothing else to do. maybe i will. i dunno. well if any of you people who actually read this, give me a call or text me.


call or text

i have verizon, so yea. u ppl better
have it too along with a $5 a month
unlimited text plan. yes im bored.
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today was awesome. went on my first date today. :-D words cant describe anything close to how i feel. i loved every moment of it. i dont know what else to say really. but now i cant wait until next friday, only it'll be a double date with mel and matt together. im so happy. a week is gonna seem like forever. but i guess its closer then never. getting ready to head up north. gotsta go.
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well well well. today was fun. faun after we cleaned out our garage. well we went to our property today. hahaha. that was pretty fun. all we have there is a huge pond and 5,000,000 piles of dirt. well we decided we were gonna go swimming. wow. all i can say. and for memorial day weekend we're going up north. now that we all have dirt bikes, it'll be a fun trip. and im looking forward to these last days of school. i'll be sad, but i'm excited for many reasons...and the day after i might go to florida!!! yahoo! i just hope everything works out well. anyways, i'm bored and i have nothing else to say.
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hmmm...game yesterday was CrAzY. we won 18-11. fun and suspensful. i hit a triple so it was all good. along with a huge gash on my knee. oh well, i liked it. things have been weird lately, but i'm trying to get throught it. i just wish somethin would happen. i hate going back and forth between feelings and thoughts. yea. and i might have a chance to go to Florida for a week. yea. well, it's 2 weeks before final exams and i'd be missing 4 softball games. i don't know what to do. i mean, yea it's Florida and i've never been there before, but i don't want to miss a lot of things. i don't know what to do. i'd be going with my 34 yr old cousin, his girlfriend, and her 4 yr old son. someone help me!
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wow. i haven't wrote in here for a while. well, right now our softball tema isn't doing very good. we're 2-4-0. i'm not doing so good either. only one game i did awesome. i hit 2 doubles, 2 singles, got 3 RBI's, 2 runs, and a double play. but it's gonna be really hard to do that again...:-/ well, things are weird right now. i'm too lazy to go inot detail, but things are just weird.

>> hahaha! today was great. lisa, lindsey, justin, cate, and christina. some day huh? 5 hours for just one scene. how crazy is that? oh well, i had fun the whole time. i just hope i dont have to be the one to watch it in class. hahaha.

well yea, that's basically everything. nothing big in my life. boring. dull. plain. stupid. someone help spice it up! ;-)
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oh yes!!!

this break actually turned into a good one for me! i went over my cousin megan's house on monday. well we went over her cousins house and played "air soft". well that was insaine! i have 14 welts all over my body. hahah. oh well. it was fun. anyways, when i left her house, my parents stopped and looked at a car. well, let's just say it's my car now. hehehe. it's a 90 somethin white ford probe. it's really sweet though. i like it. and it's only $300! it just needs a new transmission. but it's gonna be sweet and i'm happy. and today is another good day. i can feel it! well, talk to me later. i'm out.
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i screwd up bad

i can't stand myself sometimes. i do the worst things then realize how bad i messed up. have you ever ignored someone because you're scared to talk? because you don't want to look like an idiot or because you don't want to seem egar? well, i did and i wish i didn't. i talked to a guy wednesday. told him how i felt. now i'm a scared wreck around him. i don't know what to do. i don't know what to say. i don't want to seem mean and ignore him, but i don't want to seem like a clingy physco. can someone please help me? i'm a nervous wreck around guys, especially ones i like. i don't know what to do and i feel so stupid. i just wish i had an angel to guide me my way on earth because i will just screw my whole life up. i know i will. i can see it already....
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